welcome to THE academy of:


Your capacity to manifest and create your dream life is unlimited!
It's time to release what's been holding you back and
step into manifesting the success, joy, love and freedom that's
already meant for you!

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Manifestation Mastery

Are you ready to epically upgrade your life? 

Knowing in your core that it is safe for you to claim what you truly desire and receive incredible success, joy and miracles.
You feel secure moving forward because you know the laws of the universe are working for you, and you finally feel the freeing joy of "I have more than enough, and everything I could ask for".
The ideas that light you up, no longer stay locked in your mind, but you turn them into reality though unwavering confidence, manifestation, and aligned action, easeful action.
Your week is now brimming with activities that light you up, with plenty of space for doing anything you feel like.
You're surrounded by an incredible tribe and love that feels like a soul-family, and you feel so nourished in every way.

I believe that, deep down you've always known you were meant for more...

- is already meant for you!
And i would love to help you unlock it!

Tell me.. can you rELAte to:

and playing small? You feel like you've tried so many things but you're still not where you want to be at in your life 

You see other people reach their dreams and you secretly worry "what if I don't have what it takes?".  And when you get lost in comparison you only feel even more discouraged and depleted.

You're pushing hard with little to show for it. You find it hard to find balance and feel like there's not enough time in a day.

if you can even slightly relate to any of the above,
then i'm so glad you're here!

You're a pro at postponing and postponing your big moves (especially so people won't be able to judge you). You feel an inner pull towards doing things differently but you feel paralyzed or overwhelmed.

“The teachings from this program changed my life. My whole damn life AND career. It's truly amazing!”

— Puk Kornbo, Entrepreneur 

You know

A simplified process that skips the fluff so you can focus on what matters, and shortcut the learning curve!

I believe


that you're meant for more and you're ready to claim your next level!

That's why you would like:

To have someone in your corner who sees your potential and motivates you on your journey!
Someone who has walked the path and has a track record of helping hundreds of others.

Are you                    to...

Wake up every morning with deep excitement and profound gratitude for your incredible life

Knowing exactly how to manifest
a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g you desire! 

Feeling immense confidence to be true toYOUrself! You walk out into the world as your most authentic powerful self and follow your own heart (NOT worrying about what other people will think)

Fully magnetizing epic things, people, abundance and syncronicities!

Deeply knowing that you are more than worthy and capable! Building the wild success, wealth, relationships and freedom you've always dreamed of!

Shine your brightest ligt and experience freedom on a whole new level

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Shifting your frequency to aliveness, vitality, expansion, fun and trust in the universe

A life-changing 11 week experience that helps you confidently show up in the world as your most powerful, authentic selv, and confidently manifest  your dream reality! 
Release what's holding you back, and step into creating the happiness, success, love, wealth and freedom you want!

Manifestation Mastery


welcome to THE academy of:




Inner Power

Supercharged Manifestations

That's why I created the unique
R.I.S.E. method, that guides you to fully:

Release old patterns and energy leaks. Reconnect with your true essence, unlimited soul-power and infinite guidance

Establish new subconscious programming that supports your dreams and feel unshakeable confidence and full clarity. 

Become a super-manifestor with a clear path to limitless co-creation.

Living at your highest potential and in beautiful alignment , magnetizing and receiving amazing manifestations.

The truth is, manifestation and creating your dream life isn't just about steps, positive thinking hacks or forcing. You've already tried that and know it falls short. The real magic happens through frequency!
It's less about ego logic; instead, it's an intuitive process, aligning with your essence, reprogramming the subconscious, and a full embodied, vibrant lived experience.


While most programs only focus on mindset and sometimes the subconscious, we address multiple levels including Somatic, Emotional, Mindset, Behavior, Intuition, Unconscious
and Energy, to insure the biggest transformation.

What makes this program truly                           is:

Our methodology is rooted in the fusion of various elements.



Phase 1

Planting the most beautiful flowers require just the right soil. Therefore, you will begin this journey by resetting your energetic blueprint, taking your power back  and learning the science of manifestation and lasting transformation. Your soul knows who you came into this life to be and it's time to "unbecome" all
non-serving limitations.

Teach Me Plz

Reset and Re-align with your
soul power

2 Modules


Phase 2

The biggest reason most people don’t manifest what they want is because they unconsciously repeal those things and energetically reject it. In this phase you’ll fully release what’s been blocking you, and you’ll rise into full inner power.
You will connect with your essence, intuition and soul's purpose to propel your co-creation from a place of love and limitlessness; creating exactly what you want, and invoking the highest universal support. Feeling so free, confident and powerful! 

Teach Me Plz

Inner Power
and unshakeable confidence

3 Modules

Supercharged Manifestation

Coming from a really solid foundation and realigned, fired up vibrations in phase 2, you'll now move into the Soulfully Supercharged manifestations! This is where you'll master accellerated manifestation and working with the universal laws from the highest place, and you'll even discover your unique manifestation style through Human Design. You'll also invoke the power of your chakras to fully supercharge your manifestations! + you'll learn the most potent tools to activate even more!

Teach Me Plz

Phase 3

4 Modules

You'll fully embody your Higher Self, reaching your highest potential. By the end of this program, manifestation won't be a mere concept; it will be a part of your daily lived experience. Your nervous system will now be reset and you'll be able to receive incredible miracles, and you'll experience the most amazing syncronicities!
You'll feel like your truest self and you'll be fully in the process of co-creating and stepping into you absolute dream reality!

Teach Me Plz

Phase 4

Supercharged Manifestation

Supercharged Manifestation

Embodied Living

2 Modules


no. 01



no. 02

Powerful workbooks

Hypnosis + Meditations

no. 03

Fully guided breakthrough processes

no. 04


"Thanks to LIVNESS, I manifested my dream romantic relationship AND a great job"


from PUK:

“LIVNESS changed my life. My whole damn life AND career. I swear, it's that good!”

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“I have never gotten so many life-changing insights in such a short amount of time"

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from Mette Stine Skjoett 

"After a Live call with Liv, I finally made the decision to follow my dream"

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from Mette Stine Skjoett 

"Before LIVNESS, I used to think I could go it alone, but Liv's guidance and resources lit up my path to success.

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Your future self is already thanking you.

let's rise together!

success stories

Cecilia Lyngtoft

Honestly, I was sceptical about signing up but Liv's program blew my mind.

I felt like I was living half a life but Liv's course and live group calls helped me finally unlock my true power, and fall in love with my new, upgraded life.
The best bonus on top is the amazing, loving and over-the-moon supportive tribe I have gotten from it.
LIVNESS changed the course of both my life and business, and I am forever grateful!

be bold!

Sacha Holm

"Liv... thank you for giving me my LIFE back!
I love you and your energy.

"I transitioned from self-employment to battling chronic illness, which left me feeling lost and uncertain about how to move forward. Then, I discovered Liv's program, and it instilled in me the belief that I'm not only capable but should boldly proclaim, 'Here I am,' without being burdened by others' opinions. I've shed any lingering doubts. I never thought I'd confidently go on camera to share my passion and promote my projects, but now I'm doing everything I've ever wanted! Liv's program provided me with invaluable tools to bring my boldest dreams closer to reality.

Sanja Markovic

"Liv is an absolutely fantastic coach. I found self-love and got the courage to launch my dream business

Before LIVNESS, I was in a place where I had conformed to society's expectations and other people's priorities, losing touch with my own desires. Joining Liv's program was an amazing journey of self-discovery, where I reclaimed my true self and learned to really put myself first. Liv's community erased my sense of loneliness on the journey and gave me a community to bond with. Thanks to Livness, I found self-love and built the courage to quit my job and pursue my dream business. I am so incredibly grateful and highly recommend this to other ambitious women!  


"Awakening Your Inherent WORTH" group session!

With guest mentor Internationally certified coach,
Christina Coleman.

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Program value: $8,200
Your Investment: $1,745

“If you're on the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

— Cecilia Lyngtoft 

You're stronger than you think.

But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

Yes, you are super resourceful, but honestly honey, maybe that's our problem. We think we need to do it all on our own. 
We help others so willingly but find it hard to ask for help ourselve..
Well, I am here to extend you that hand! 
Let me help you cut years off your learning curve, put you on an incredible path to success and fulfillment, so you don't have to keep figuring this out on your own.

you're in the right place.

I am a master mindset and manifestation coach and teacher + serial entrepreneur, host of the Top #2 Podcast in Denmark, and I absolutely love having full freedom and living "bi-country" between Miami and Denmark.
BUT- my journey started soooo far from where I am today.. And, honestly, the principles I am going to share with you literally changed my entire world and how I live my life. I can't wait to share them with you, and witness YOU creating your epic dream life

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i can help because i've been there

Five years ago, I was broke and broken.

I honestly felt like I might not even be here in this world because I felt like I had no clue what to do with my life, and I was one big failure. Unemployed with studen loans, no sense of direction or confidence.
But my lowers low led me to my biggest gifts - personal development and manifestation. The universe knew exactly what it was doing, and now my I'm so beyond grateful to say that my biggest passion has given me so much abundance, freedom, a business I'm in love with, my soul-mate and the most sincere friendships.
I sometimes can't believe how good my life is!
... but it is...! And whatever YOU are dreaming of I KNOW in my bones that you can have it!

the universe has a plan...

This program is the only one of its kind because...

we merge science, psychology, spirituality and sistergood - in the most lovinG and effective way.

Study at your own pace

catering to all learning styles


Follow a proven roadmap

This      for you if:


you're excited for change and you're ready to do inner work and experience big shifts 

you are longing for "more" and you're ready to leave your limitations behind and learn 

you're a kind-hearted person who is ready to claim being a powerful creator and ease into playing all out with life, and make a positive impact

It's probably        for you if...


You're not willing to give up reasons for why your life can never be better 

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO DO THE WORK and you just want a quick-fix

YOU want someone to come and save you, so you never have to take any personal responsibility

Let's do this thing.




At LIVNESS we believe in RISING together!
To not only follow a proven roadmap that speeds up your timeline to your dream reality, but also the energy of having other women breathe
life into your biggest dreams, and NOT being alone on the journey!
The collective energy and sisterhood is magnetizing!

Let's RISE together →