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With a decade worth of corporate experience in marketing and social media, I finally decided to set out on my own...

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My followers are style-conscious, brand-aware, and shop at brands like this, this, and this.  They have other fantastic qualities like this, and appreciate content like this.

  • Primarily women ages 38-45
  • enjoy personal, informal content
  • respond to original content + humor
  • particularly enjoy my reels and carousel content
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Louis Vuitton Spring Campaign 

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Zielinksi Perfume 

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Reformation Fall Line

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Crate & Barrel

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Honestly, I was sceptical about signing up but Liv's program blew my mind.

I felt like I was living half a life but Liv's course and live group calls helped me finally unlock my true power, and fall in love with my new, upgraded life.
The best bonus on top is the amazing, loving and over-the-moon supportive tribe I have gotten from it.
LIVNESS changed the course of both my life and business, and I am forever grateful!

— Cecilia Lyngtoft

Liv Helped Me Change My Whole Life In Less Than a Year.

From anxiety, self-doubt and burnout to feeling on-top-of-the-world, loving every day and launching my dream business.

— Puk  

"In a short time I have achieved a personal career goal that I didn't even think was possible." 

Liv has created a world-class universe for women. She is present, sincere, authentic and honest. Liv grabs you from the first second, with coaching on building your confidence, to take aligned action on your dreams, and understanding of yourself.
As a solo-entrepreneur it can sometimes feel lonely and uninspiring. Liv’s group program has been an invaluable support to me, of mindset work, sisterhood and motivation.

— Anita Budde

"Liv... thank you for giving me my LIFE back!
I love you and your energy."

I have gone from being self-employed to chronically ill... finding myself in a huge void and not knowing how I was going to "live" again...
Liv's program helped me believe that I CAN - that I am CAPABLE of what I set out to do. And that I should not be ashamed to stand up and say: “here I am”, and not be held back by what other people may say. I genuinely don’t care anymore. I also never thought I would be on camera, doing videos about what I love! I have received fantastic tools to move forward towards my wildest dreams.

"Liv is an absolutely fantastic coach, she really sees the whole person in front of her."

I was in a place where I did what everyone else thought I should, and in the end I didn't know what I wanted for myself. 
After joining Liv’s group program, I got to work on and release my limitations, I got to know myself again and was able to stand up for myself. I have found the strength in myself and I have really enjoyed being a part of Liv’s community because it allowed me to not feel lonely on the journey.
Being a part of Livness has helped me find love for myself and put myself first. I even quit my job and started my dream business.

— Sanja Markovic

"After a Live call with Liv, I finally made the decision to follow my dream"

I’ve been inspired by so many things but the biggest for me was on one Live call Liv took us through a process around fear, and right then and there I decided to let go of the fear and sign up for my dream education. Before this, the fear of failure consumed me. But now I’ve started my dream path and it feels so aligned and true inside.

— Mette Stine Skjoett  

— Sacha Holm  

"Before LIVNESS, I used to think I could go it alone, but Liv's guidance and resources lit up my path to success.

I shattered those old, unproductive thought patterns, bid farewell to my old job to embrace self-employment, and found the key to peak performance through self-care.
I used to not be able to see all the opportunites available to me, and I so craved the change I saw others achieve.
Liv's unwavering sincerity and the accessibility of her resources continue to fuel my journey.

— Christina Dahlerup

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Adobe, Airbnb, Athleta, 
B&H,, BioLite, Blundstone, Cathay Pacific, Chaco, Chevrolet, Cotopaxi, Facebook, Free People, Gomacro, Grammarly, Honda, Kammok, Leatherman, LifeStraw, Miir, Nature Valley, Old Navy, OluKai, Oru, Kayak, Otterbox, Passion Passport, Paul Mitchell, Peak Design, Polartec, REI, Salt & Straw, Sonic, Sony, TikTok, Toyota, Uber, Ubuntu Life, Verizon, and more.

Amazing Grass
Cathay Pacific
Sunglasses Cotopaxi Facebook Free People Gomacro Grammarly
Kammok Leatherman LifeStraw
Nature Valley
Old Navy
Passion Passport Paul Mitchell
Peak Design Polartec
Salt & Straw
Ubuntu Life Verizon

There are a million influencers. Here's what makes me different:

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My specialty when it comes to content is as follows, and you can expect a standard of excellence, communication, and cooperation.

Q. What do prices for this thing look like?

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Q. What kinds of content do you deliver? 

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Q. Can we white label for ads?


Let’s Collaborate

Trust fund gluten-free scenester PBR&B hot chicken. Poke try-hard vegan pop-up. Banh mi meggings before they sold out meh.


What can i say?! 
My mission of helping heart-centered women rise up their full power and potential is an addiction! ;)
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